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My Family

This section is just getting started and will likely be organized differently once I figure out how I will organize everything! I am putting it up primaily for my family to be able to view videos and photos easily. But you are welcome to take a look and see the people who mean the most to me!

About My Family
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Children & Granddaughter
My Paternal Grandparents
Fred & Mildred Kellett
  Grand-daughter Trandal Family Photos
Kellett Family
   My Mother
My Father
Fred Kellett, III

Growing up in MN

Norway Family Reunion
Friends, Political Friends
  Norway Family Reuinion
Lakeland TV

 My Maternal Aunt / Cousin

My Paternal Aunts / Cousins   Grand-daughter Campaign 2012   Grandpa Fred Kellett-Warriors     
  Maggie (my newest canine family member)   Grand-children  Remembering  Aunt Linda   Remembering My Step-Father