More fun MN Videos, Don't Ya Know:

Funny MN Rap Song: Ice Fish Baby

Song: How to Talk Minnesotan:

On State Rivalry - History Lesson?

Minnesota Song

A MN Study- Who Will Take the 1st Bite?

Minnesota Song

 Food on a Stick. (Yeah, we love it).


Song: Don't Ya Know, Minnesota?

Minnesota Song 1975


Minnesota Humor

My all-time favorite!

This is the best. If you know a Minnesotan, or are one, you will love this very funny TPT Documentary!

Are You MN Enough?

This researcher compares "Minnesota Nice" with "New York Nice"

How to Talk Minnesotan.

These young men did a great job and must have had fun filming this, don't ya know.

Includes proper positioning and stance. A must watch for you visitors out 'dere. :)

Minnesotans or others who are concerned about political correctness, haven't had enough of this long winter, or don't have a sense of humor, please skip this one... :)

You're Minnesotan If....

(If you get these jokes, you are definitely a Minnesotan!)

 Minnesota Stereotypes
A true Minnesotan can really understand the humor in this. :)
  This one is a bit longer than the others (20 min) but still has some great (and funny) points about Minnesota Nice.

The Minnesota Song.