New MN Laws 2014

The following are 169 bills signed into law in 2014. Note: The list below is the "spin" version for news media.

Energy assistance gets for funding
The money supplements federal funding set to run out in early March.HF2374/SF1961/CH145 (view full story)

New law allows five counties to make offices appointed
County boards must allow public comment at a regular meeting about the change; however, voters can petition to place the changes on the ballot.SF0629/HF0919/CH146 (view full story)

New law updates nursing home reimbursements
State statute is updated to reflect current practices regarding the criteria nursing homes use to assess and then classify residents.SF0894/HF1179/CH147 (view full story)

Blue Earth County to oversee its library system
The Blue Earth County Board of Commissioners will be able to oversee the county library system.HF1455/SF1275/CH148 (view full story)

Higher education statutes will get a spring cleaning.
Law clarifies statutes relating to student health; eligibility for grants.HF2647/SF2224/CH149 (view full story)

Tax law provides $443 million in relief
State’s tax code will now conform to many federal income tax provisions and three unpopular business-to-business sales taxes are repealed.HF1777/SF0075/CH150 (view full story)

Labor agreements are ratified
Any executive branch salary changes must be reported to legislative commission.SF1952/HF2285/CH151 (view full story)

Obsolete military affairs laws to be eliminated
A quintet of provisions relating to military affairs will be deleted from state statute.HF2665/SF2311/CH152 (view full story)

Attorneys will still have 180 days for discovery
A new law will conform statute regarding medical malpractice cases to rulings made by the Supreme Court.HF2385/SF2044/CH153 (view full story)

Residence requirement nixed for some registrars
A new law will give state-appointed deputy registrars the flexibility to live outside the county where their business is located.SF2100/HF2394/CH154 (view full story)

Highway rename will honor fallen officer
Minnesota Highway 36 will be designated as the “Officer Richard Crittenden, Sr., Memorial Highway” under a new law.SF1892/HF1979/CH155 (view full story)

New law makes technical corrections to DHS funding
The law moves a $200,000 grant for a project to help formerly incarcerated adults into its intended category under “Child and Economic Support Grants.”SF2004/HF2655/CH156 (view full story)

New regulations for limited liability companies
Minnesota will have a new Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.HF0977/SF1648/CH157 (view full story)

Health insurance relief possible for disabled corrections employees
New law is a result a situation where an inmate at the Stillwater prison attacked an employee in 2010, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury.SF1737/HF2147/CH158 (view full story)

Cesar Chavez Day in Minnesota set for March 31
Beginning next year, Minnesota will celebrate Cesar Chavez Day every March 31.SF1509/HF1631/CH159 (view full story)

Safe and Supportive Schools Act targets bullying
New law applies to actions on school premises, at school functions, on school transportation or by use of electronic technology.HF0826/SF0783/CH160 (view full story)

Housing ‘Unsession’ law sheds old programs
Old programs and outdated language relating to the Housing Finance Agency will move out of state statute.SF2569/HF2763/CH161 (view full story)

Membership of the state’s cosmetology board updated in new law
Board will expand to include instructors and othersSF1762/HF2762/CH162 (view full story)

Tastings at farmers markets addressed
A new law exempts a person who performs food sampling and cooking demonstrations at farmers markets from food handler licensing requirements, under certain conditions.SF2060/HF2178/CH163 (view full story)

Water management provisions modified in drainage law
Drainage authorities will be required to consider alternative types of water management criteria for drainage projects.SF2221/HF2571/CH164 (view full story)

Law toughens sales representative agreement statutes
The law applies to sales representative agreements entered into, renewed or amended Aug. 1, 2014, or later.SF2108/HF2413/CH165 (view full story)

Minimum wage increased for the first time in 10 years
The state’s minimum hourly wage will increase to $9.50 by 2016.HF2091/SF1775/CH166 (view full story)

County can adopt county manager government structure
Under new law, the Dakota County Board can appoint a chief executive officer who is designated as county manager.SF2076/HF2474/CH167 (view full story)

Crime lab accreditation will be required
New law is designed to ensure public confidence by making certain that sample testing in a laboratory is performed correctly.SF1725/HF2156/CH168 (view full story)

New law exempts threading from licensure
The law also exempts threading from a salon license if no other services are performed at the location.HF2659/SF2110/CH169 (view full story)

Minnesota Business Corporation Act changes become law
A change to help business transactions will formalize a process for pre-clearing of documents filed with the secretary of state’s office.HF2190/SF1979/CH170 (view full story)

Competency hearings combined into one
A group of court assessments will be able to be completed jointly.SF0685/HF1557/CH171 (view full story)

Corporation designation addresses social purpose model
Called the Minnesota Public Benefits Corporation Act, the law will lay out the definition of a general benefit corporation, requirements of purpose and director conduct.HF2582/SF2053/CH172 (view full story)

Victim protection program concerns addressed
Since 2006, when the Safe at Home address confidentiality program was established, the Legislature has tweaked the program as new data privacy issues arise.HF2276/SF2277/CH173 (view full story)

Technical changes made to Minnesota Historical Society
A new law adds the Sibley Historic Site and Mill City Museum to the list of the state’s historic sites.HF2937/SF2654/CH174 (view full story)

Insurance requirements heightened on limos
The definition of limousine in state statute broads to allow up to 15 people with the driver.HF2858/SF2462/CH175 (view full story)

Counties granted more time to spend Vote Act funds
Effective April 30, 2014, counties with unspent grant money will have two more years to spend the funds.SF1732/HF1960/CH176 (view full story)

Warrantless arrest time expands in some domestic abuse cases
The amount of time law enforcement has to make a warrantless arrest of a domestic abuse perpetrator in gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor cases will triple.HF2141/SF2042/CH177 (view full story)

Health claims database work group created
Expanding the use of state’s all-payer claims database could help state toward efficiencies in health care evaluation.HF2656/SF2106/CH178 (view full story)

‘Tony Caine’s Law’ provides fo lifeguards at public beaches
The new law will require lifeguards at beaches owned or operated by local governments to have certification in first aid and CPR for adults and children.SF2245/HF2621/CH179 (view full story)

Restructuring criminal vehicular operation statutes
Changes will enable the Judicial Branch to more effectively and efficiently transmit information to the Public Safety Department’s Driver and Vehicle Services DivisionSF2571/HF2928/CH180 (view full story)

Agriculture ‘Unsession’ law harvest out old statutes
Redundant and outdated provisions related to the Department of Agriculture have been harvested out of Minnesota Statutes.HF2746/SF2618/CH181 (view full story)

Workers comp law reduces PTSD-related risk for employers
A new law adopts recommendations of the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council.HF2658/SF2220/CH182 (view full story)

Faribault hospital board permitted to sell land in private sale
The law also repeals the special laws establishing and governing the hospital district.HF2840/SF2399/CH183 (view full story)

Insurance options to be available to certain employees
Certain employees will be able to buy state-provided health insurance at their own expense.SF1689/HF1938/CH184 (view full story)

Online voter registration permitted in Minnesota
State voters are statutorily able to register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot online.HF2096/SF2288/CH185 (view full story)

Minnesota motorists must investigate collisions
Aim of new law is to help prevent injuries and deaths caused by hit-and-run crashes.SF1246/HF1335/CH186 (view full story)

Recipients can now incur costs before grant money issued
Certain state grant recipients can now incur expenses up to 60 days before a grant is issued.HF2217/SF2500/CH187 (view full story)

Domestic violence victims given process to terminate a lease
Victims of domestic abuse, criminal sexual conduct or stalking who fear for their safety will receive some protection if they need to terminate a lease early.HF0859/SF0771/CH188 (view full story)

Plan put in place to help collect child support from overseas
The state’s efforts to enforce international collections of child support could hinge on it complying with changes that the federal government could be enacting.HF0892/SF0347/CH189 (view full story)

Scrap metal fee schedule implemented for APS
The city of Minneapolis can charge a fee to scrap metal and scrap vehicle operators for transactions.HF2605/SF2595/CH190 (view full story)

New small servicer definition loses sunset date
The law makes permanent a definition of “small servicer,” a company that services mortgages, to apply to companies that process less than 125 foreclosure sales in a year.HF2213/SF2445/CH191 (view full story)

Department of Health ‘Unsession’ law provides trimming
A new law willl shed some statutes regulating the Health Department.HF2874/SF2367/CH192 (view full story)

Data practices commission to study privacy rights
A new legislative commission is designed to ensure more expertise on data practices within the House and Senate.SF2066/HF2120/CH193 (view full story)

Change allows environmental testing by car manufacturers
Under statute, motor vehicles owned by a first-stage motor vehicle manufacturer may display test license plates.SF2103/HF2425/CH194 (view full story)

‘Unsession’ law repeals Grand Rapids Commission
The commission was created in 1986 to have operational responsibility of the town’s Central School building.SF2608/HF2970/CH195 (view full story)

Procurement processes streamlined
) Changes in state law will simplify statutes governing Department of Administration procurement contracts.SF2312/HF2617/CH196 (view full story)

Modifications made to court-ordered parenting time factors
The changing developmental needs of a child could be considered as a factor when deciding court-ordered parenting time.HF2722/SF2732/CH197 (view full story)

Commerce act provides risk management requirements
Insurers will have to abide by a new act that gives requirements for risk management.HF2853/SF2347/CH198 (view full story)

Real estate broker law receives long awaited updates
Technical and clarifying changes are made to the state’s laws regulating real estate brokers and salespeople.HF2694/SF2340/CH199 (view full story)

In forma pauperis changes signed into law
A new law authorizes the court to order partial payment of court fees if the person doesn’t meet certain eligibility requirements, but is also unable to pay all of the court costs.HF2660/SF2244/CH200 (view full story)

Judges given more say over forfeiture actions
A new forfeiture law addresses what some say is an unfair action toward a person who may not have knowledge of the crime.SF0874/HF1082/CH201 (view full story)

Helping judges who don’t meet a 90-day rule
An administrative process will become less punitive as a means to help judges streamline the court process.SF2718/HF2687/CH202 (view full story)

Newborn screening program gets new start
Under a new law, the Department of Health will have authority to use information from the screening for research.SF2047/HF2526/CH203 (view full story)

Changes made for more electronic court system
The eCourt MN Initiative is designed to move the courts from a paper-centric environment to all electronic court records.HF2668/SF2195/CH204 (view full story)

Referees could be used in housing court cases
The right to demand a judge in a housing court case will be eliminated, with referees doing the work.HF2479/SF2152/CH205 (view full story)

St. Paul Port Authority offered meeting leniency
The St. Paul Port Authority will be able to conduct meetings without having all members gathered in the same room.HF2566/SF2166/CH206 (view full story)

Female veterans license plates to be made available
There are about 29,000 women veterans in the state, and 15 percent of the current active duty force is female.HF1916/SF1978/CH207 (view full story)

Checking account information clarified as private
A data practices fix will help ensure that account information on physical checks held by government entities be considered private data.HF2405/SF2011/CH208 (view full story)

Regional partnerships between counties encouraged
Non-contiguous counties can take part in Community Corrections ActHF2953/SF2592/CH209 (view full story)

Staggered commissioner terms for St. Louis County receive OK
A 2002 court decision that put some St. Louis County commissioners on the same election cycle is trumped by a new law.HF3115/SF2565/CH210 (view full story)

Unfair labor practice charges to get out of the courts
Newly created Public Employment Relations Board expected to resolve claims quicker and at a lower cost.HF3014/SF2506/CH211 (view full story)

Outdated, redundant statutes eliminated
References to the obsolete Advisory Council on Battered Women and Domestic Abuse will no longer exist in state statute.HF3017/SF2620/CH212 (view full story)

Domestic abusers, stalkers prohibited from having a firearm
A person subject to an order for protection in a child or domestic abuse case will be prohibited from possessing weapons for the length of the order.HF3238/SF2639/CH213 (view full story)

Tribes can now take ownership of cemeteries
A new law allows for the ability to transfer cemetery land controlled by a local government.HF3043/SF1660/CH214 (view full story)

Defaults on payment of self-storage units addressed
Newspapers remain the primary vehicle to advertise sale of items held in default, but electronic notice would be an option, in some circumstances.SF2398/HF2598/CH215 (view full story)

State highway honors fallen soldier
Highway 8 from Center City through Chisago City will be renamed the “Nicholas Patrick Spehar Memorial Highway.”HF2219/SF2035/CH216 (view full story)

Counties get clearance to sell tax-forfeited lands
Soudan Underground Mine State Park will be merged into the Vermilion State Park in St. Louis County under a new law.SF2449/HF2301/CH217 (view full story)

DOC outdated, redundant statutes to disappear
A state correctional facility in Sauk Centre no longer exists. Statutory language relating to the facility will also disappear.HF2755/SF2410/CH218 (view full story)

Confidential employee definition changed
Employees required to access labor relations information are considered confidential employees under the state’s labor relations act.HF2313/SF2319/CH219 (view full story)

Some limits put on cities ability to annex
An update to the state’s annexation ordinance allows cities to annex property in certain situations and changes the definition of “property owner.”HF1425/SF1353/CH220 (view full story)

No favorites in routing transmission lines
Minnesota’s electric utilities are prohibited from favoring one high-tension power line route over another during the planning process, under a new law.HF0655/SF0455/CH221 (view full story)

Law repeals unnecessary commerce, PUC statutes
Among the laws to be repealed is one that makes it a misdemeanor to sell fruit in anything other than a one-sized container.HF2854/SF2446/CH222 (view full story)

Public employees protected when in transition
Public employees will be protected during government transitions into joint powers agreements.SF2490/HF2939/CH223 (view full story)

Grand Rapids utilities commissioners seek increased terms
The commissioners will transition into their new terms so that the city appoints commissioners to no more than two open seats in a given year.SF2609/HF2968/CH224 (view full story)

Recycling must increase for building owners
State agencies and commercial building owners will face stricter recycling standards.SF0663/HF0855/CH225 (view full story)

Pollinators, invasive species projects funded by LCCMR
Nearly $29 million for 71 environmental projects that are funded with proceeds from the Minnesota Lottery is provided for in a law that takes effect July 1, 2014.HF1874/SF1899/CH226 (view full story)

MnDOT ‘Unsession’ law streamlines statutes
Department will no longer have the authority to acquire lands to be used for driver’s license exam stations.HF3084/SF2616/CH227 (view full story)

Various processes and regulations upgraded for DHS
New requirements laid out for licensed child care providers including CPR training and equipment inspections.SF1340/HF1114/CH228 (view full story)

County reinvestment program undergoes some changes
Hennepin County Housing and Redevelopment Authority to join partnershipSF2162/HF2613/CH229 (view full story)

South St. Paul School District changes election procedure
District can pass a resolution to dissolve its election districts.HF2318/SF1924/CH230 (view full story)

Lien holders seek more options to sell vehicles
Vehicle dealers holding liens for an unpaid debt will be allowed to use other means besides a public sheriff’s sale to dispose of the vehicle.HF2912/SF2538/CH231 (view full story)

Law aims to reduce heroin, opiate overdose deaths
‘Steve’s Law’ aims protect from criminal charges those who seek medical assistance for someone believed to be experiencing a drug overdose.SF1900/HF2307/CH232 (view full story)

Jury trial in human rights cases will be allowed
A new law will ensure that someone bringing forward a civil court action for discriminatory practices is entitled to a jury trial, if requested.SF2322/HF2958/CH233 (view full story)

Law sets standards for dealing with pregnant inmates
The goal of the new law is to improve birth outcomes and promote the infant’s lifelong health and wellness, supporters say.SF2423/HF2833/CH234 (view full story)

Advanced practice registered nurses released from some practice limitations
After completing assigned hours, APRN’s will have the ability to independently practice in other roles and perform other duties related to patient care.SF0511/HF0435/CH235 (view full story)

Continuing ed requirements updated for certain professionals
Engineers, architects, land surveyors and related professionals receive the spotlight in a law that updates work standards, clarifies a job description and eliminates obsolete language.HF2670/SF1790/CH236 (view full story)

Environmental permitting goals get boost in new law
New law expands the PCA’s ability to issue civil citations for violations of subsurface sewage treatment laws and sets penalty amountsHF2543/SF2193/CH237 (view full story)

Secretary of State looks to improve voter records
Minnesota could join nine other states and Washington D.C. in a nonprofit organization that seeks to help stat