Favorite Funny / Cute Cat Videos

Kitten Air

Warning: You'll want to watch it again!

N2 The Talking Kitty:

"The Landlord"

I wish they woud have left out the couple words unsuitable for children. I decided to post anyway, because it is one of my favorites. :)

"Dubstep Cat"

This is our niece Rebecca's  all time favorite, :)

N2 The Talking Cat:

Preppy Kitty Style

Kittens Jamming to the music--so cute!

Laser Cats!

A funny clip made by a couple of young men with a very creative sense of humor. Love it!

Thanks to my niece Rebecca for this one, too! :)

The Mean Kitty Song

"Kittens Inspired by Kittens"

Story narrated by a little girl--This is just so darn cute!

Cat vs. Cat & Printer

Kitten Sleeping in a Cup Lullabye...


Even though this is a Target clip- it is so cute and funny., I had to post it!

Bully Cat and the Box - The Translation

Funny Cats and Kittens acting like humans
Two cats just talking to each other.