Thank you to our Soldiers, Veterans and their families

for your sacrifice and service.

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Want an easy way to remember important basics on how to show respect for our Flag?

Please check out my poem "The Protocol of our Flag".

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Please check out my "Soldiers and Patriots" page.

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Veterans- Please check out the Veterans News Feed I created, just for you. Thank you!

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Soldiers and Patriots

One of the most moving videos ever... a must watch for every American!
 The Origin of Taps

Changing of  the Guard

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Arlington National Cemetary.

Old Guard, US ARMY Team performs at the Spirit of America
 US Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon 2014 
A Day in the life of the Old Guard, the Army's Oldest Unit

 A deeply moving tribute to those who have served.

Thank you Toby Keith, and thank you to all those who have served.

 A MUST WATCH movie that will make you proud of the respect shown to our fallen soldiers and how they are treated on their journey home.

You can watch the full movie on Amazon for free, but is also available on DVD at various locations.