Meet Maggie

I was just going to look at some puppies. As I got out of the car, "Maggie" came from one of the barns and walked over to me as I walked to the farmer's house to see the pups. I patted her, thinking she was one of the mothers, and went in.

Not bonding with any of the pups, I walked out of the house. "Maggie" was waiting for me and would NOT leave me alone and kept pawing at me to pet her.  As I patted her, I noticed her sad eyes, extremely matted fur and hundreds of ticks she was covered in. I saw a beautiful dog whom I felt so connected to, begging me to rescue her. Still thinking she was unavailable, I asked the farmer about her. He explained her owner had passed away from bone cancer and that he had been instructed to find the right home for her. Seeing that she would not leave me alone, he told me I could have her. I was so happy, I cried!!

The Petco in St. Cloud  got her in immediately. The young groomer spent 5 1/2 hours pulling off ticks, cutting out the matted fur and bathing and re- bathing her. 

I named her "Maggie" after one of my personal heroines, Margaret Thatcher. Like Margaret Thatcher, Maggie is intelligent, poised, patient but tough when she needs to be. Our German Shepherd tends to bully other dogs and when they met he decided to bark at her. She took one look at him and gave him one loud bark. Philo cowered.

A gentle giant weighing almost 100 lbs, she is so wonderful with my granddaughter and is such a sweetheart! :)