Favorite Songs of All Time

Does not include my favorite artist, Paul McCartney--I devoted a whole page to my favorites of his songs-click here!

This song gave me a lot of strength during the 2012 campaign and also does today.

One of my favorites of all time. Definitely.

Ok, I have a Paul page (check it out) and have many Paul favorites. However if I had to pick just one, it would be this one. Not a top hit but definitely one of his best! 

A must watch! The 2nd verse of the Star Spangled Banner that everyone should know and hear. This brings tears to my eyes- God Bless this Marine!
We need to remember this song's beautiful and powerful message. Our time here is so short. . At our KIwanis Club in Brainerd we opened every meeting with this song. I absoloutely love it!!  
I hadn't thought of this song in YEARS and never really listened to the lyrics. Then one day it just started playing in my head out of nowhere during a difficult time and when I looked up the lyrics  all I could say was 'thank you' because it really helped!    I have personal reasons for being a fan or Aerosmith but the lyrics to this one are so beautiful. It hits deep for those who have been to that dark place and know the miracle of being pulled out of it.
I have loved this song since I was a young girl. Many of my childhood weekends & summers were spent on my grandpa Trandal's farm in Marine on St. Croix, MN. "The flowers were my pillow when the day's work was done." I feel so fortunate to know exactly how that feels. Can relate and love this song for many reasons. 
Yep, this describes how I feel some days! Remember "you've got to lose to know how to win." Never give up. Dream on (until your dreams come true!)
This has long been a favorite. Dedicated to my daughter Rachel.
I fell in love with this song when I was 13 and still love the words (and almost any song Paul sings, but that's besides the point). :)
 Great song for children big and small. I just love it.
 This is just such an awesome song - love it!
Probably my favorite religious son.
 What if God was one of us? Great song! Who can stay still while listening to this awesome song? If I need to get the house clean, get motivated to get on the treadmill, etc. This song does the job.
We need to have more days like this. No one sings this better than Tony- probably the most romantic song ever written.
I used to listen to this song when I was a little girl and played it over and over on my cassette player- I thought it was most beautiful song and whenever I hear it, it brings back many wonderful memories of being that age. "You just kinda wasted my precious time...but don't think twice, it's alright." So witty! Dylan's lyrics never get old. :)
 My favorite Janis Joplin song. I used to listen to this song as a child imagining being old and looking back on my childhood days. Is that weird or have other people done that?

This is new to the list and doesn't really fit as an all-time favorite but it hit home and helped me get through some grief the past few months.

Dedicated to all the other "fighters" out there! 

ck 7-27-15

One of my favorites of all time. Definitely.