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Chris Kellett Norway
Chris Kellett Walz Trandal Norway Christianguaard Alesund Minnesota MN
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Special Videos with my Family... 

Slideshow from last Christmas 2015 to my singing of "Santa Baby." :)


My granddaughter playing my piano singing her ABC's at age 2. This was too cute not to post! :)
The day my granddaughter was born. A very special day for me <3

My daughter Jennifer graduates from Decatur University, Illinois- kind of funny :)


My son, graduating from the University of Minnesota, Morris...
I made this for my daughters for their grad party. Features videos and photos from their life, fun and special... <3
 I made this for my son's graduation party. It features photos of us from pregnancy on! Very special to me!!
 From "Cover Story" a News program in Tucson AZ that featured anotehr woman and myself on caring for a child and an older relative.