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THE BILL: House State of Minnesota SF 783.

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THE BILL: House State of Minnesota HF 826.

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Bullying Bill Info -

Unfortunately the Bullying Bill PASSED and was signed by Mark Dayton on Wednesday, April 9th. Please remember this and be sure you vote OUT mark Dayton and anyone else who voted for this terrible bill!

Below are some helpful articles regarding the MN "Bullying Bill." Below are some articles which reflect some of the reasons I am firmly against this bill. This will be terrible for MN, parents and children! Please read on:

Minnesota Bill Could Make Bullying 'Anything, Anytime' An anti-bullying bill is moving to the Minnesota Senate after passing its House. Its expansive provisions have raised concerns from lawmakers, parents, and school administrators over limiting free speech and vastly increasing school expenses and invasive data collection on children.

The Bullying Bill The Safe and Supportive MN Schools Act,  HF 826 is inaccurately named. We prefer to call it by the more accurate description of what it really is, Governor Dayton’s bill is unsafe for children, unfair to parents and teachers, and an unfunded assault on our independent school districts. 

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radar flier    10 myths

Antibullying bill raises troubling questions “Antibullying” legislation is a top priority for DFL leaders at the Capitol this year. In the last session, their bill got hung up in the Senate, and they appear determined to muscle it through this time around. Bullying is wrong. No child should have to put up with it.But a glance at the bill raises troubling questions.

Anitbullying Bill 'Safe'? Check the Hidden Agenda This top-down, statewide measure stems from political correctness — not protection. The bill includes a vague and expansive new definition of bullying, and it would compel schools to police “cyberbullying” — including comments a student writes on his Facebook page in his pajamas at midnight. Astonishingly, the bill does not require parental notification for either students who have been bullied or those accused of bullying....under the umbrella of bullying prevention — you may soon find that your daughter is studying LGBT demographic trends and famous scientists’ sexual orientation and that your son can join the girls’ basketball team if his “gender identity” inclines him that way..."

(Here is one example of what can happen once a bullying bill is passed. Note that parents did not need to be notified that this would be taking place):

Middle School Girls Forced to Ask Classmates for ‘Lesbian Kiss’ During Anti-Bullying Presentation Imagine 13 and 14-year-old girls being instructed to ask one another for a lesbian kiss in a class exercise.  The girls had no choice. The parents were NOT informed. But hey, if it falls under “anti-bullying,” than who are you to question it, right?
Study: Anti-Bullying Programs May Increase Bullying A new study from the University of Texas-Arlington finds children who attend schools with bullying prevention programs are more likely to be bullied than those who do not. Anti-bullying programs appear to teach kids new ways to hurt others and hide their activities from adults, said the study’s lead author, Seokjin Jeong.