Paul is most definitely my favorite musician of all time and in my opinion, the Beethoven of our time. I have been a huge fan and have loved his songs ever since I was a child. They (his songs) have been such a wonderful part of my life that are filled with so many memories. I had long been a Beatles fan but when I was 13 I figured out that Paul was the source of most of my other favorites as well and quickly bought my first McCartney album, "Ram" which I played side one for almost a  month straight over and over, and to this day I am still not tired of it. Side B was a similar tale. The teachers and students at my Jr. High knew what a fan I was, as I did my speech for English Class on the Beatles and had to give it twice because my teacher had to miss class the day I gave it the first time.

I recall teaching the words to Beatles' songs to the surrounding lunch tables in 7th grade as I was stunned how few then in the early 80s had even heard of the Beatles, let alone Paul McCartney! This carried on into adulthood, and if you ask my daughters they will tell you of a long trip we took once in the car when they were teens. I was concerned by their newly acquired musical taste (to me most songs sounded like whoever was singing was screaming to the point of practically gagging--whatver that style of sound is called, but to them it was music and I was apparently clueless) and handed them each a stapled packet of Beatle's and McCartney lyrics that were in the same order of the songs on the CD I made for the trip. 

I was blessed to see Paul in concert three times now--in 1989 (the year my son was born) and again in 2005 with great seats both times and again in 2010.

During the 2005 tour I went with my son Ryan, then a teenager and at that age where there are not very many "cool" things to do with your mom. We had seats just several rows back on the main floor and could actually see him up close -- that concert was absoloutely incredible. Then, as Paul began the song "Let it Be" - (a song Paul wrote about his mother and a beautiful story), Ryan held my hand and then put his arm around me through the rest of the song. It was was one of those moments that in my final days when I look back on my life that memory will be there among one of my most treasured moments. 

I have been asked a lot over the years, what is my favorite Beatles or McCartney song. I usually answer by saying "all of them" but if I had to choose a few, I would say most are on this page. "Let Me Roll It" has long been my favorite rock song. I am surprised how few have ever heard it but I think that is one of Paul's very best. "Every Night" has long been my favorite mellow song. The song "Great Day" reminds me of my son, now 25, because of the many great days I have had being his mother and still have whenever I see him.

Just as a movie is richer with background music playing in it to emphasize the story, so has my life been richer with Paul's songs playing in the background of mine. I have wondered how I could put into words the gratitude I feel and should be blessed enough to ever have the opportunity to tell him. But if you should happen to see this, Paul, THANK YOU!!!   


Paul McCartney