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Mills Women's Permit to Carry Beginner Handgun Class Baxter MN


Women's Beginner Handgun
& MN Permit to Carry Class 

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WOMEN'S Basic Handgun & MN Permit to Carry - Please check back for date

Time:  9:30 am – 5:30 pm


Cost:  $ (Bring a friend, save $10/each!)

  • Class includes BOTH Basic Beginner Handgun Instruction & Permit to Carry Course

  • Includes the required training course to qualify for a 5 year Minnesota Permit to Carry* a handgun (which also counts as a 5 year permit to purchase).

  • Course will focus on specific safety issues pertaining to women.

  • Please bring your handgun and 50-80+ rounds of ammunition. If you do not have a handgun, we will have some extras available for you to use. 

*The Permit to Carry training course certificate you receive from the class is required by law to obtain your Permit. You have 12 months from the class date to apply for your Permit. Your Permit once received is good for 5 years. You can take the class at age 20 and apply for your Permit at 21 (within 12 months). 

Join us for this fun and informative course focusing on specific issues pertaining to women!

  • Tips on how to avoid becoming a victim including safety precautions, predator characteristics, basic non-lethal self defense and more

  • Basic handgun safety

  • Basic handgun operations

  • Shooting fundamentals including proper stance, grip, trigger control, aiming, & malfunctions.

  • What to look for when choosing a handgun and holster(s)

  • Understand the legal aspects of handgun possession and carry

  • Get your Permit to Carry*

Whether you are brand new to handguns or would like to shoot better, our instructors will assist you at your level of experience.

 Your Instructor: 

Chris Kellett  

 (Chris is a Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor, NRA Eddie Eagle Instructor, former counselor and former (2012) MN House candidate

 In Minnesota, you can carry open or concealed. We recommend concealed carry for our students, especially the ladies, for a number of reasons. In this class we will cover popular holsters and carry methods as well as firearms that are most popular with women for carry. .In this class we can help women who are brand new to shooting become comfortable as well as experienced  shooters become more skilled. We have heard this is the best class around for women learning how to shoot. A fun and informative class! .