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"We can't thank you enough! We had an amazing time and such a wonderful learning experience. I have heard from all my kids how much they enjoyed today, even the one who hates guns! My girls even want to take your self defense course! Your class and your knowledge made the perfect Christmas present, and the best gift a mom could ever provide for her grown children and the message I deeply wanted all of us to get! Again thanks for making today everything I could have asked for! You are amazing!"
-Mindy R., Menahga,
MN Permit to Carry Course


Chris Kellett Minnesota Personal Safety training Womens Basic Handgun Permit to Carry Class Review

The Instructor (Chris Kellett) was super, She was so knowledgable, interesting and funny which made it a great 8 hours. I felt that I learned so much and I can't wait to get my permit to Carry and keep learning how to shoot. It was perfect!! :)

Chris Kellett Minnesota Permit to Carry Womens Basic Beginner Handgun training class Mills Indoor Shooting

Well I did it! Faced one of my top most terrifying fears EVER! With the Help ofChris Kellett and Mills Fleet Shooting range, I was able to take a personal safety class, along with gun safety, and Permit to Carry Certification! When I arrived to the class, I was terrified of even the rubber pistol on the table and the plastic/ pretend bullets. As the day went on Chris built up my education on gun safety, statistics on crime rates vs Permit to carry people having none, proper techniques, profiles of aggressors/ perpetrators, and many more great topics!
I went to this class after many years of my Husband asking me to go. He wanted me to be able to protect myself and our kids when he is not able to. As most of you know, my husband Mike has been fighting Cancer for the last three years with many ups and downs!!! I never thought I would feel confident in my ability to protect my family and loved ones independently! After 6 + hours of classroom education, we moved to the range to put our skills into action! The first shot I heard screamed and took off running out of there. Chris ran after me like a Momma with Arms wide open as I held back tears and shook like a leaf in total panic! She reassured me I did not have to go back in if I didn't want too. The staff at eh Range were totally supportive and stood over us in protection like a shield from danger! Amazing compassion these people showed me yesterday! I cried and let out a couple more little yelps when loud bangs caught me off guard after hitting the ground in tears, running out of there and shaking for hours... I did it I was able to competently handle both guns that were placed in front of me with Chris's hands on support and relaxation breathing! LOL, yes I'm a goof, but a goof that shot GREAT and hit the main center of the target with almost every shot!!!!
I owe a huge thank you to Chris, her team and the team that works at Mills Fleet farm indoor shooting Range!
Abigail F. - Brainerd, MN
Women's Basic Handgun & Permit to Carry

Chris Kellett MN Personal Safety Training Womens Beginner Handgun Training MN Permit to Carry Took the women's course today and was very impressed. Very informative on all safety aspects of guns and the handling of them. I would recommend this class to all ladies who are interested in personal protection. Thanks Chris!

Karen P., Brainerd MN

Women's Basic Handgun & Permit to Carry
October 10, 2015

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 "MN friends. I strongly recommend taking Chris Kellett's  Permit To Carry class. 8 hours of information and I soaked in every word."
- Kris D. - Breezy Point, MN
Women's Basic Handgun & Permit to Carry

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"I took it yesterday. Loved it."
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Chris is so great. We had an awesome time learning and being able to shoot. I will totally recommend this class for others!

-Kayla R.

(Women's Basic Handgun & Permit to Carry,
Jan 2016)

 Chris Kellett Minnesota Persona Safety Training Permit to Carry Handgun Concealed

I'd like to thank the instructors from Minnesota Personal Safety Training for a great day of Concealed Carry instruction and range time at Mills Indoor Shooting and Archery.